Inala Sports Centre

This short music/photo montage of the Inala Sports Centre was produced  by Jacqueline Bor and Aluel Ring as their entry for the UQ/State Library sponsored ‘Hot and Bothered’ Competition in 2014. The competition was devised to raise awareness of ‘modern’ architecture’s contribution to our cultural heritage.

The clip will be for many a sad reflection on what once was a lively venue for locals and particularly the wider roller skating fraternity. Whilst the original structure and roof, built in the late 1950s by the Boss Brothers [*] appears intact, vandalism is slowly taking its toll with barely a pane of glass remaining and a recent fire which gutted part of the single storey area.

Can you add to the recorded history of the centre ? Worked on it, in it, or perhaps met your life partner there ? Forward your inputs or contact details  and we will be in touch.

[*Richlands, Inala and Suburbs History Group]


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