Oxley-Chelmer History Group – call for help with photographs

Members of the Oxley-Chelmer History Group were pleased to welcome many visitors to our stall at the Sherwood Community Festival on 13 November 2015. The display of photographs of The 1950s in Oxley-Chelmer brought about a lot of comment, especially by those people who could remember those times.

The display led to the launch of a concerted effort to collect photographs and stories of the 1960s, so the call is out to residents to search through photo albums and scrapbooks for items of interest. Even an ordinary family photo may reveal fashions, houses, cars, gardens, sporting events or special occasions in the local area that are worth recording and can be used in a future display.

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The History Group is also still searching for photographs and information about the shops in Honour Avenue Graceville, ready for the opening of the Suburban Centre Improvement Project in June 2016.

This year we have had an ongoing search for photographs to do with Sherwood Arboretum, especially photographs of people who may have planted trees in the avenue in March 1925, or who were one of the 100 children from Sherwood School who planted trees in August that year. If you think you may be a descendant of a tree planter, please contact us.

A new call for help is for anyone with a connection to the Duporth school in Oxley (on the site of the current Canossa Hospital). Mrs Janet O’Connor opened the girls’ school in 1885. Following her death, it was continued by her daughters until 1920. Five years later it was purchased and operated by the Ursuline Order of nuns until 1957. If you know your grandmother, mother or aunt attended the school in the O’Connor’s time or if you possibly went there yourself in later years, we would like to have names and photographs.

The History Group will be celebrating its own 20th anniversary in 2016. We intend to launch a new publication and to have several public celebrations. For more information, contact Marion Mackenzie on 3379 1967 or ochginc@gmail.com

[Oxley-Chelmer History Group. December 2015]


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