Queensland Lords, Edward and Eliza Lord’s Colonial Family

Queensland Lords

Janet Spillman’s history of Edward and Eliza Lord tells the story of two of the first free settlers to Moreton Bay, arriving in 1844 seven years after emigrating to Sydney from Lancashire. As Rochdale fullers and wool merchants, Edward Lord’s family were amongst the first to industrialise the textile industry.

Eliza Fletcher was a woman of independent wealth, on her marriage in 1837 she received a marriage settlement that could not be used by her husband. This proved vital to the welfare of her young family as Edward faced bankruptcy in the crash of 1842, a crash that wiped out his landholdings and merchant business in New South Wales.

This history follows the growing family to Moreton Bay, where Lord worked briefly for Evan Mackenzie, and to Drayton on the Darling Downs, where he ran a wool store, commercial store, and post office. When Leichhardt came to the Peak Ranges he named Lord’s Table Mountain and Fletcher’s Awl for the family.

Lord attempted to act as an agent for German immigrant workers, but was defeated by the monopoly operated by the Hamburg shipping line, JC Godeffroy & Son. Four of their sons worked in Queensland’s pastoral industry, while another served as a manager of the Queensland National Bank in Cooktown and Thornborough during the brief years of the gold rush. Their daughters married successful businessmen.

Janet Spillman is one of Edward and Eliza Lord’s great-great grandchildren. This family history places her forebears in Queensland’s history.

This book is available from Boolarong Press for $29.99, plus packaging and post, from the State Library of Queensland Bookshop, or from the author for $25 plus packaging and post jspillman@optusnet.com.au

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