A wilting logo

clarence road qh sign april 2016

Time has finally caught up with this faded sign on the Clarence Road shopping strip, as it eventually will with the ‘Beattie Burger’ logo which was dropped by the LNP Queensland Government in 2012. A gradual replacement policy was espoused in an effort to keep down costs. The logo was designed by Michael Bryce and launched in 2000 by Premier Peter Beattie who saw it as a fresh image for a new look Queensland. The logo has been replaced by a stylised version of the Queensland Coat of Arms which was granted to the Colony in 1893 by Queen Victoria, perhaps one of the few bright spots of that year.

It certainly was a year of high drama in the locale, record flood levels peaked during the first weekend of February, the sheer volume and current of the river causing the collapse of the railway bridge, the first Albert Bridge. The Victoria Bridge in Brisbane would suffer the same fate early the following week, a double blow for the Colony already facing a downturn in the economy.

Whilst recovery work commenced almost immediately it took over two years for a new bridge to be completed, a twin span design with a single pier in the river. The second Albert Bridge is still in use today, one of the four bridges that span the river at this location.

[Further details of the  construction of the  replacement bridge can be found in SLHG Research Notes 27 The Southern and Western Railway Brisbane Extension – Toowong to Indooroopilly]

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