SLHG Research One – St Lucia before 1852, County of Stanley Parish of Indooroopilly and Moreton Bay Surveyors

Over the last fifteen years members of the St Lucia History Group have researched many aspects of the European development of St Lucia. This individual and collaborative effort is recorded in a series of papers and research notes reflecting the particular interests of each of the authors. Most are considered ‘work in progress’.

Over the coming weeks they will be progressively uploaded as an on-line resource. Comments, corrections and contributions are welcome.

St Lucia before 1852 provides a background to the 30 year period preceding the first land sale in what would become St Lucia. It touches on the natural environment, Aboriginal life, exploration including John Oxley’s overnight stay, the convict era, leasing and land sales. It traces the progression  of land releases on the northern bank of the river from the Brisbane Town boundary to the first ‘Suburban Lot’ offered upstream of Toowong Creek.

Following the closure of the penal settlement in the early 1840s the Moreton Bay District was opened up for free settlement. As the country was surveyed to facilitate lease or sale it needed to be defined and recorded in some way. Robert Cribb purchased the first land offered for sale in St Lucia and County of Stanley, Parish of Indooroopilly provides an insight into the prevaling land tenure arrangements and some of the terminology used on Title Deeds to describe property.

Reading the early Letterbooks (copies of outgoing correspondence 1844 to 1860) of the Moreton Bay District Surveyor’s Office provides an indication of the conflicting demands on the surveyors time, the day to day difficulties they faced and the personal toll on their health. These research notes are selective, primarily relating to the western suburbs and individuals associated with St Lucia. Government surveyor James Warner features (including discussion on his role in defining Milton Road and Coronation Drive) along with his successors Burnett, Galloway and Burrows

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