Biography of Henry William Mobsby (1860-1933) by Kaye Mobsby

As a resident of Indooroopilly for many years in the early part of the 20th century, Henry Mobsby would have been quite well known within the area due to his community involvement. He emigrated to Australia from England in 1883 and was living in Indooroopilly by the late 1890s, having previously lived in both Taringa and Toowong.

At St. Andrews Church of England he was a member of the choir and parochial council and he designed the sanctuary which was added to the church in 1900. As a member of the Indooroopilly Horticultural Society, he was a keen gardener who grew many different types of tropical fruit in his backyard and is credited with introducing the Casaba Melon to Australia. He was a founding member of the Indooroopilly Masonic Lodge in 1905 and was also a member of the Indooroopilly Progress Association.

What he is mostly remembered for is his wonderful photography of Queensland and as a pioneer of cinematography. Locally he would be remembered for his many years of service to the Indooroopilly State School, spending 15 years on the school’s committee with two of those years as the chairman. He held regular magic lantern slide evenings in Stamford Hall and also at the school, to raise money for prizes for the students. At these evenings he would talk about his very interesting career working for the Queensland government at the international exhibitions in London, San Francisco and New Zealand. For more than 50 years, he and his family donated annual prizes to students at the Indooroopilly State School.

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